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Josh Gates investigates unsolved stories across the globe. He interviews key eyewitnesses and uncovers recent developments before exploring.


Episode 1

Great Lakes' Vanished Warships

Diving into Lake Superior, Josh has brand-new intel that may finally solve a 100-year-old mystery: the resting place of two WW1 minesweepers.

Episode 3

Treasure Of The Pirate King

Josh finds coins from an epic pirate treasure. He leaps into the frigid North Atlantic to recover the riches of feared pirate, Henry Avery.

Episode 4

Lost City Of The Gospels

Josh heads to the Holy Land to find a lost city where Jesus performed many of his miracles. He reveals an inscription that hasn't been seen in 1,400 years.

Episode 5

Looted Treasures Of Cambodia

In remote jungles, Josh explores one of the 20th century's biggest heists: the looting of Cambodian statues. He descends into a crumbling pyramid.

Episode 6

Cambodia's Stolen Monuments

A secret meeting with a Cambodian looter puts Josh on the trail of valuable stolen monuments. Diving into a moat, he unearths a priceless lost statue.

Episode 7

Hunt For Spain's King Arthur

Josh explores Spain's treacherous La Garma cave system and finds 1,000-year-old human remains. He seeks proof of Spain's legendary King Pelayo.

Episode 8

Sunken Pyramids Of The Nile

Josh heads to the Kingdom of Kush to dive the flooded pyramid tomb of a king. It could unlock the mystery of a civilization that once conquered Egypt.

Episode 9

Mystery Of The Flooded Pyramid

Josh scales a mountain to learn how a Kush king conquered Egypt. He braves the murky waters for one more dive to find the king's mummified remains.

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