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When Supernovas Strike

How the Universe Works - Season 7

Supernovas are the violent death of giant stars. New discoveries reveal how these events create the elements that are essential to all life in the universe.


Army Of Juan

Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy & Juan - Season 2

Without Freddy to divide and conquer, Juan takes on his biggest challenge yet! He helps two desperate veterans find enough gold to retire from the military.


Todd's Lost Chance

Hoffman Family Gold - Season 1

With winter closing in on the mine, Todd looks for richer paydirt in the Lost Cut. It looks promising, but opening a new cut this late puts the season at...



Deadliest Catch - Season 19

Hampered by damage, Sig must outmanoeuvre an unknown captain to hold onto his ground. Jake allies with Wild Bill to make a critical deadline.



Wheeler Dealers - Season 12

Everyone has heard of the high-selling MGB but the car that came before it - the MGA - is the one Mike wants to track down for the USA workshop.


Blue Suede Cruise

Kindig Customs - Season 9

Dave and Kev take the show to the American Midwest, as more than 2,500 cars descend on the Summit Motorsports drag strip for a weekend of fun and RPMs.


Danger Close

Deadliest Catch - Season 16

As seawater destroys his hydraulic motors, Junior attempts a risky high seas delivery of three new motors. Harley and his crew argue over his fishing strategy.


Swiss Family Surprise

Treehouse Masters - Season 5

Pete heads to Michigan to help a husband surprise his wife on their anniversary with a treehouse inspired by castaway classic Swiss Family Robinson.


Making Hay The Kilcher Way

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

Eivin and August make a unique hay baler that will ease their load, if it doesn't set them on fire! And, the family go salmon fishing at the Copper River.


Wensleydale Cheese, Paintbrushes

How Do They Do It? - Season 13

How do they make Wensleydale cheese, turn pig hair into paintbrushes, and distil aromatic oils from eucalyptus?


The Tesla Model S, Horsehair Fabrics

How Do They Do It? - Season 13

How do they build the world's fastest electric car, turn horses' tails into fine fabrics, and clean the largest swimming pools in the world?


Carl's Fiesta RS Turbo

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car - Season 2

Carl would love to own a classic Fiesta RS Turbo, but he spends all his spare cash on his family. Mike takes big gamble to secure this dream car.


A Kraken Kodiak

Diesel Brothers - Season 3

Diesel Dave continues work on his first giveaway truck - the epic modern day Kodiak. Sam the Mad Scientist unveils "The Kraken:" a diesel powered monowheel vehicle.


Bering Sea Wrecking Ball

Deadliest Catch - Season 16

Jake scrambles to repair a slack tank before it kills his crab or capsizes the Saga. Plus, Josh and Casey's rudder fails in heavy traffic.


Cold War Heating Up

Deadliest Catch - Season 16

As the crab biomass migrates across the Russian line, Josh and Casey dump 175 pots on the border. Meanwhile, Jake's new deckhand suffers an injury.


Seven Wonders Of America

Blowing Up History: Seven Wonders - Season 5

Experts investigate seven of America's most iconic modern-day megastructures. How were these engineering marvels built and what secrets do they conceal?


Motor City Model A

Roadworthy Rescues - Season 1

Derek finds a 1928 Ford Model A in a car club in Detroit. Then he calls in an expert to figure out why it sat so long and tries to...



Release The Kraken

Diesel Brothers - Season 3

Sam's wild creation, The Kraken, comes to life but Heavy D is sceptical of the build's potential success. A high-profile client wants to customise a Ram 3500.


1991 Lotus Elan M100

Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Mike finds what he thinks is the finest-handling front wheel drive car: the Lotus Elan M100. If Ant can revive the engine and suspension, will it make a profit?


Episode 2

Outback Truckers - Season 8

Trucker Brian dodges high-tech solar cars and battles heavy-haulage blow-outs. Plus, Sludge transports three vintage cars, worth $270,000, to a rally in the desert.



Deadliest Catch - Season 19

Hampered by damage, Sig must outmanoeuvre an unknown captain to hold onto his ground. Jake allies with Wild Bill to make a critical deadline.


Mega Dam Brazil

Countdown to Collision - Season 1

Examine the engineering wonders that enable the world's most powerful hydroelectric dam to operate safely and provide electricity to over 19 million people.


The Narrows

Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica - Season 1

The English Narrows provide navigational challenges. Plus, the crew carry out safety training for Antarctica before exploring the Chilean Fjords.


Breaking New Ground

Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica - Season 1

Chef Tom challenges Chef Nik, as Captain Radomir strives to achieve a first for all on the Discovery yacht - setting foot on land at the treacherous Cape Horn.